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chazelle owens

Hello my name is Chazelle Owens. I am a self taught Artist and a certified Sound Healing Practitioner

currently residing in Northern California. I live in a little cottage in the beautiful giant redwoods by the sea. I thrive off of living in the present moment and spend as much time in nature as I can. Nature is my passion and so is being of service on this planet for God.  I have really learned to trust and surrender to God/Source presence and guidance in all areas of my life. I have had a few beautiful awakening experiences over the past 10 years. After these I have felt so alive and my heart is so warm and filled with so much love. I have a beautiful connection with animals and even insects. I feel I have harmonized internally with everything I have been through since I was a child, like some trauma’s and conditioning and because of this my outside experience has shifted and how I relate to others. I feel nothing but love for everyone and have no judgements. I have become a master observer and a witness to this beautiful and sometimes crazy experience and I love every minute of it.

A little bit about my painting and music. I never plan a painting or what I am going to sing or play. I pray before and ask God/Source to guide me and show me. I feel my body become a channel and I hear guidance from God what I should paint or sing. I am not in my mind when I am creating and that is the beautiful thing of it. I could be painting for hours and have no idea how long its been. It is always exciting to me, to see what the painting is going to look like because I honestly have no idea. With my singing and sound healing again it is the same thing. I ask for God’s guidance and allow it to just flow through me. Sometimes there are words but most of the time it is just sound. I feel like it's my own soul song that comes through. I feel so connected to God's Divine love and that is what inspires me to do what I do. I hope to connect with you dear ones, if you feel guided to contact me for a sound healing or life guidance, please do!!


Love only and humbly in service,


Chazelle Owens




Chazelle has such an angelic presence. Her spirit is so gentle & nurturing while simultaneously bubbly & playful. The sound healings she provides are out of this world. I have attended a handful of her large group sound baths & my husband & I received one private session. The experience is always so enjoyable, relaxing & rejuvenating. At the end, I always feel like something has shifted inside me. I leave feeling restored & renewed. I highly recommend Chazelle & her sound healing to anyone looking to relax & recenter.



I love you sister!!! Thank you for being my friend.



My sound healing session with Chazelle was amazing!

My body felt light and alive with energy during my session, like I was floating on a big fluffy cloud of love. I felt my mood elevate as I experienced a deep sense of bliss that lasted long after my session was over.

Can’t wait for my next one 💖

~Monique Riofrio~


My sessions with Chazelle are other worldly. They are so much more than sounds of crystal and brass bowls singing. They are journeys for my mind, body, and spirit. Every session feels different yet equally beautiful. She uses the bowls, tuning forks, drum, and her voice to create an epically relaxing and healing experience. Chazelle is a healer, a channeler, a conduit, and a truly incredible human. If you haven’t felt the frequency of her and her creations yet, I highly recommend that you do. I’ve had incredible results/experiences and always look forward to my next session.


-Faith Litke


My husband and I had a session with Chazelle in July 2021.  We were in town on vacation and decided we needed to recharge after a crazy year at our jobs with COVID.  Chazelle recommended a couple's session.  I was very excited to give it a try. The session was amazing and peaceful.  I loved the ambience in the studio and the peaceful environment.  The singing bowls made my heart sing with joy!  My body was tingling all over and I felt energized and relaxed at the same time.  We have never had a healing session with Chazelle before and we totally recommend it to others.  In fact my husband was so relaxed, he fell asleep.  During the rest of our travels, we felt a closer connection and increase of love and patience for each other.  We feel so blessed to have this experience!


Oh my goodness, what an amazing sound

healing bath that was last night! I have a

frozen shoulder. I had very limited right arm

mobility until last night. My pain was reduced,

I was able to stretch and gain more range of

motion during your sound bath! Extraordinary!


Loved listening to your language of light

singing, exquisite bowls and drumming. You

and your music partner on flute and handpan are masters of sound healing!


Such synergy!


I want to say Thank you.

After I listened to one of your beautiful songs of healing, I was healed. I no longer have high blood pressure. It was to the point I felt horrible, sometimes like I was fixing to die.

I wanted to say Thank you .. 


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